Touch Step Controller


Touch Step ControllerZigbee triac dimmers can be controlled by the STEP command. The light level can be dimmed  or brightened  in small steps. The device I have build for this purpose is a Simple Sensor Device. Reporting a ON signal is translated to a STEP UP command, a OFF signal to a STEP DOWN command. The translation is done in my Home Automation software. This software also takes care of the coupling with a Level Controllable Output device.

The device contains two touch buttons; one for UP and one for DOWN. Continuously touching sents the on or off report every 2 seconds. I’m using a 3V button cell (CR2032) to power the device. One of the problems I encountered is the internal resistance of the battery. When transmitting, the current will be such that the voltage will drop. Adding enough capacitors will overcome this.

The housing has a diameter of about 5.5cm and is printed with a 3D printer (M3D).