LED PWM controller


Many led strings and other led lights can be powered by 12 Volt DC. These led strings and lights  can be easily controlled (dimmed) by means of Pulse Width Modulation. By using a mosfet with very low on impedance as athe output driver, a zigbee dimmer can easily be build. The Z100A is configured as router/end device with deviceId 0x0003 (Level Controllable Output) or deviceId 0x0101 (Dimmable Light). Of course the device can also be configured as a On/Off Output or a On/Off Light.

I added local control of the output by means of 2 switches. Pushing the On button short will switch on the light, while holding the button will activate the bright function. Pushing the Off button, the light will go out, or if held, the light will dim. The light level (when switched to On), will be the  level at the time it was last switched to Off (with a fixed minimum).

The 2 buttons can also be used to reset the device or do a bind operation.

Here is the schematic: