Screen controller


As I needed to control 9 (outside) screens, I decided to design and build them myself (much cheaper). And of course based on Zigbee. The screens have a 230V screen motor with simple open and close endpoints. I decided to use relays for operating the motor. To overcome problems with burned in contacts due to switching of the motor while the motor is running, I decided to always have the motor end-stop-contacts close or open the circuit (and not my relays). As a penalty, I can not stop the screen somewhere in between; its open or closed. Once a screen is in motion, it is not possible to stop it. It will always open or close completey.

The pcb has two buttons for local control. The input is 230V. A switching power supply generates 6V for powering the relays and input for a 3.3V regulator which supplies power for the zigbee controller. I use two relays; one for selecting up or down and one for applying power to the screen.

The screen can be opened or closed by Zigbee commands. The final state of the screen is reported to my home automation system. And of course commands can be issued by means of an Amazon Echo.

I made an enclosure which was printed on my 3D printer.

Screencontroller in box